DC Restaurant Week: Featuring Booze as Redheaded Stepchild

Straight up chillin in a bottle of wine...

Last night, my dearest friend Lizzy and I decided to break up a bleak Wednesday in mid-January by heading out to a delicious meal of food.  We stopped into Jaleo, an extraordinarily delightful tapas place in my ‘hood. I kept forgetting the fact that it was restaurant week, and as the kind, but somewhat aggressive waitress kept pushing us to try the “Restaurant Week Menu”, I took a step back. It was $35.10 for an appetizer, “entree” (this is a tapas restaurant, doesn’t this defeat the purpose??) and dessert. WITHOUT booze. Now, I don’t think I am cheap but I am also a young professional who doesn’t make a ton of money and has time in her day to write in this blog. Aka I am not “rolling in it”, as my godfather P. Diddy would say. So when I began to think about this deal- it didn’t really feel like a “deal”. I’m not sure about you guys, but rarely when I am out to eat do I purchase an appetizer, entree AND dessert. That seems gluttonous, especially given the portions restaurants dish out (hah! pun…) these days. As well, one of my favorite parts of going out to dinner is ordering a big, delicious bottle of wine, and without wine included in the deal, I felt violated. So essentially, by taking part in the restaurant week deal, I would be upping my cost to over $50 whilst forcing myself to eat more than I wanted. Not only did this ruin my “stop wasting all your money, which includes purchasing 97% of products advertised in infomercials” New Year’s resolution, it also  ruined my resolution to “stop resembling a beached whale that frightens school children”. Not in the cards.

In the end, we got some tapas, a bottle of wine, and coffee and each paid 38$ including tax and tip. I am all for restaurant week, but I think unless you’re going to an insanely expensive restaurant to begin with or have been fasting for 6 days, it may not be worth it. I say throw in a glass of wine and I am HAPPY to pay the $35.  Why are we ignoring booze? I mean…what did it ever do to you guys? Except be awesome?

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One thought on “DC Restaurant Week: Featuring Booze as Redheaded Stepchild

  1. lacochran says:

    Genius. I’m serious. Add booze? I’d definitely vote for that.

    Yeah, I’m going to a RW meal on Sunday but I’d be a lot happier if they threw in a glass of wine in place of the dessert.

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